Self love

Self love

There are times when I should attempt to make some semblance of self-love and self-care. Today I found myself eating a cheeseburger in the carpark of Ikea in Wembley. It is a totally forbidden food for me, it was bad but it tasted so good. I then walked through the whole store to get to the self-service area to pick up the 4 items that my sister wanted me to collect for her. When I finally got home, tired and fed up, I put on the new duvet covers that had arrived in the post. Not the softest material in the world, maybe they will improve after a few washes. However the bright colours – give the room a warm and inviting look and lifts my mood a little.

My husband returns home just as I am taking some of the old duvet and pillow covers out to the garage. He is looking tired. When I return to the flat – we lie on the bed and half snooze and talk. He tells me he is tired and that his legs hurt and cannot bear the thought of standing up in the kitchen to make dinner. I too am tired, but I love my husband and cannot bear to see him suffer. So I make him a delicious chicken and tomato sandwich. The smell of the warm bread as it comes out of the oven, makes me dizzy with delight. As I lovingly put his sandwich together, my mouth watering and my stomach growling, I wonder how he gets this homemade wonder and I get a burger in the car park.

I need to treat myself better.




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