Japanese dessert

Japanese dessert

In contrast, an evening with his other good friend is much more interesting. I meet my husband in a coffee shop opposite his place of work. And we chat, banter and engage like we always did. It’s lovely, it’s sweet and it makes my heart warm. His friend comes along, minus his wife, and is as cheerful and friendly as ever. We queue for twenty minutes to get into a Japanese Udon Noodle bar. It is worth the wait, the food is delicious. I eat buta miso (pork and miso) and I am full and content in more ways than one. It is lovely to catch up with his friend and find out how he and his wife are moving on with their lives.

We then went to an asian fusion cake shop and ate dessert. Well they ate dessert and I bought some matcha buns to eat for dessert at home. When we get home my anger and rage has subsided and I curl up beside my husband and fall into a peaceful sleep.

And so, just the best evening in this week of up and downs.


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