Here and Now

Here and Now

In this moment I am lying on the sofa, smelling sweet and fresh from the shower. I have used Body Shop cocobutter shower lotion andĀ Marks and Spencer Royal Jelly Pure Honey Night Cream. I am in mismatching pyjama top and bottom and a BBC drama is playing on the TV in the background. I have just come back from a 4K evening run, nonstop in 35 minutes, the endorphins are flowing and I feel better than I have felt in the past two days. My husband is on the computer in the back room where he has been situated for the past 2 hours since my return from work. I am drifting slowly into sleep mode, letting its gentle arms comfort and surround me in the way that my husband has not today. However I have decided to focus on positive emotions and experiences and not get wound up about the things I cannot change. I have been listening to a audiobook on mindfulness and so I am using this evening to notice the smell of my skin and the softness of the sofa.


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