Apunta alto, dispara alto

Apunta alto, dispara alto

And so yesterday was one of the better evenings. I got home before he did and jumped straight into my pyjamas and into bed. There is something rather comforting about that, especially as it was a little chilly in the flat. Then he came home, tired and achy and collapsed in a heap beside me. We had fifteen minutes of hand holding and chatting and it was all very sweet and nice. Although part of that chatting was him telling me that when I make my smoothies in the morning for breakfast, the sound of the nutirbullet wakes him up and he cannot get back to sleep again. He suggested I make sandwiches in the morning for breakfast. Or make the smoothies the night before.
I ‘cooked’ him dinner tortellini and pesto and watched him eat while I attempted to complete my pre course Spanish homework. A summer of not thinking or speaking Spanish has made my brain rusty. So I had to get my husband to help me. It was actually quite nice, I managed to string a few phrases together! I told him that I would aim to speak more fluent Spanish by Christmas , at which he laughed. But I told him “aim high, shoot high”. I then asked him how to say that in Spanish como se dice en espanol ? He told me that there was no equivalent Spanish phrase so I asked him what the direct translation would be and he said apunta alto, dispara alto.
I told him that that would be my motto for 2016/2017. I told him this year I would to speak better Spainish, next year babies. I think I am just going to keep taking about it because it upsets me to do otherwise. If I don’t talk and we don’t mentally, financially and physically prepare then the chances of it happening are small. I cannot sit in silence anymore.


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