Lunch and the test drive that was not 

Lunch and the test drive that was not 

We headed out for what we thought would be potentially the last test drive, Hyundai Tucson. However, on arrival we were told that there was nobody to take us on the test drive. All a bit shoddy if you ask me. Anyway, despite this little setback, we talked numbers and warranties, looked at one of the high end models that was sitting graciously in the showroom and went on our merry way. Not sure that we will be coming back for this test drive. I think we have pretty much made up our mind on the car we want. Yes, it seems I have caved. It feels easier to move on than continue to argue but we have managed to agree some boundaries, budgets and agree on the complete non-urgency of this purchase and associated expenditures. We had another long talk yesterday, I have even turned his head to consider the newly new option. The baby question is still unanswered. However, I have personally decided to give myself a few months to just stop thinking about this and get my mind and body in a better place. I am so stressed at the moment that I cannot think clearly, I cannot function properly. It is part of my ‘letting go’ and trying to look at things objectively. I am not sure there are any winners or losers here but I need to just stop, stop putting pressure on myself and stop putting pressure on my husband, and see what flows from this.

In the meantime, my husband continues to cook delicious meals for me. Today, lunch of pasta and bolognese sauce. Absolutely heavenly.


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