Quantum of solace

Today when I was driving home from work in my sisters car, I felt so sad. So so sad. I don’t know why. As if there was no hope at all. I walked into my flat and kissed my husband hello. He told me about his day – busy and productive and told me off for something that I had said about him last week. Then we proceeded to have a conservation about the fact that he found many things annoying about me. Well, we only got as far as one thing because he would not tell me anymore. But it left me in a state of extreme paranoia. He told me that he does not like it when he climbs into bed at night and I start to cuddle him. He told me that he does not like it because it just wants to get to sleep. I felt horrible hearing that. He told me he tolerates it because he knows I like to cuddle him but this addendum did not make me feel any better. I did quite know what to say about that. 

I love my cuddles at night – it is the one thing that gives me comfort after a horrible day , I forget about all the despressing things when I am snug and warm. I am not sure if this does not count as emotional abuse. I certainly should not be sitting around to take this nonsense. I am not sure what to do. 


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